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we've changed the game.

Grounded Kitchen aims to be a cornerstone in the local community, creating a neighbourhood atmosphere where customers feel comfortable, relaxed and become instant regulars.

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who we are.

We serve food focused on the growth markets of free-from, flexitarian, veganism, vegetarian and plant based dietary options: wholesome rainbowed ‘instagrammable’ delights, crossed with the current demand for the rich surprising flavours of Korea. This creates a unique authenticity from a hybrid that is valued for its originality at a time when the diners experience has never been so important.

Grounded Kitchen nurtures a positive energy atmosphere combined with the coming together of a diverse group linked by their appreciation of the environment and the food served within it. 

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it's all about the fit.

In personality, style and values with a mutual trust and the same goals.


Each Grounded Kitchen store requires its own soul, we are looking for owners who can share our passion and authenticity to serve local communities across the UK.

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ready to start your journey?

If you are ready to start your franchising journey with Grounded Kitchen, please fill out the form below and a member of our Franchising team will get back to you. 

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