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Exploring Medicinal Foods and the Korean Gastronomic Culture

Korean food is a rich cuisine that is well-known for offering amazing benefits to health. When it comes to medicinal food, South Korea is often considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world. From Jeonju bibimbap to the unique hangover stew called Samgyetang, countless dishes are said to offer a variety of medicinal properties.

Korean Gastronomy Culture

In Korean culture, eating is considered one of the most important social activities and food is constantly served to guests. The best part is that all the food is prepared using a variety of herbs and spices that offer extra health benefits.

The idea that food can affect our health is not a new thing. Many people are now familiar with the notion that berries, for example, prevent us from getting a cold. The idea that food is medicine is also a popular belief in Korean culture. People believe that food like Samgyetang, a type of chicken soup, can help fight against the cold in winter.

Medicinal Foods in Korean Culture

Korean foods, like Kimchi, have been known all over the world. There is a big reason why such a simple dish

has been enjoyed by many people all over the world. Kimchi, or fermented cabbage, is one of the main dishes in the everyday Korean lifestyle. In South Korea, the vegetable dish is an essential part of the diet for many people because it is easily made and available in the local market.

Moreover, kimchi is exceptionally healthy. This is because kimchi is made by fermenting cabbage with many types of beneficial microorganisms. In the process of making kimchi, cabbage is collected in a clean and separate space and is mixed with red pepper and water. After a few weeks of fermentation, kimchi will turn from a bright red colour to a more natural and appealing brown colour.

Apart from kimchi, Korean dishes also offer medicinal benefits for people in modern society. Some of these popular medicinal foods are:


A type of chicken soup that is said to be a remedy for the common cold, Samgyetang is a popular staple in the Korean diet. The dish comprises three main ingredients: chicken, ginseng, and glutinous rice. The sweetness of glutinous rice helps to bring out the taste of ginseng, a type of plant that is said to have medicinal properties.


A type of Korean alcoholic drink that is made from rice, Makgeolli, is a popular drink in Korean culture. Aside

from its benefits of helping with digestion and boosting the immune system, Makgeolli is also a popular drink that is said to help keep the liver healthy.


A popular ingredient in Korean culture, ginseng is a type of

plant with many medicinal properties. In traditional

Korean medicine, the herb is known to help fight off infections, boost energy levels, and improve the skin’s appearance.

Jeonju Bibimbap

One of the most famous Korean dishes in the world, Jeonju bibimbap is a popular dish that consists of rice, beef, vegetables, and an egg. It is also a popular delicacy in Korea because of its health benefits and ability to aid weight reduction.


A popular Korean flavour enhancer that adds zest to several dishes, Gochujang is made from soybean paste, chili powder, and other spices. It is also commonly used to flavor many foods like kimchi, seafood, and noodles. Because of its health benefits, Gochujang is also used as a condiment to treat common diseases in South Korea. At Grounded Kitchen, we use Gochujang in a variety of dishes, check out our menu and see all of our Gochujang spiced dishes.


In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements from food companies, it is important to be a conscious consumer and seek out food that can offer health benefits. When it comes to food and health, it is important to know the difference between healthy, nutritious food and food that is specially made to offer health benefits. Korean food is a unique cuisine that consists of a variety of herbs, spices, vegetables, and proteins so make sure to enjoy some!

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