Exploring Medicinal Foods and the Korean Gastronomic Culture

Korean food is a rich cuisine that is well-known for offering amazing benefits to health. When it comes to medicinal food, South Korea is often considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world. From Jeonju bibimbap to the unique hangover stew called Samgyetang, countless dishes are said to offer a variety of medicinal properties.

Korean Gastronomy Culture

In Korean culture, eating is considered one of the most important social activities and food is constantly served to guests. The best part is that all the food is prepared using a variety of herbs and spices that offer extra health benefits.

The idea that food can affect our health is not a new thing. Many people are now familiar with the notion that berries, for example, prevent us from getting a cold. The idea that food is medicine is also a popular belief in Korean culture. People believe that food like Samgyetang, a type of chicken soup, can help fight against the cold in winter.

Medicinal Foods in Korean Culture

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