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5 Excellent Korean Dishes to Enjoy That Can be Good for Your Health

While Korean food has been a worldwide favourite for its special use of different ingredients that bring out amazing flavours that some of us may not even think were possible, did you know that many of these food ingredients were also used as medicine? It is true, and in fact, using food as a remedy is still pretty common today, especially when looking at Asia itself.

But of course, while many of the claims made about what specific food can do are questionable, it is undeniable that there are popular Korean foods that many people opt for to enjoy their healthy properties:

1. Samgyetang

This hot stew made with chicken and ginseng is a popular dish in Korea and is traditionally eaten when a person is sick with a cold or flu. This is because of the chicken, which is often said to be ‘hot’ food, and the ginseng, which supposedly helps to fight off the sickness and make you feel better. There are also other herbs and spices added for the same reason, such as garlic and ginger, which will help to ease cold symptoms.

2. Dok Bokki

This pan-fried rice cake is another Korean favourite that is said to be a great food when you are sick. It is a popular dish in Korea, especially with children, and made with rice cakes that have been stir-fried with vegetables and meat, and then often served with a spicy sauce, which makes it a spicy pick-me-up.

3. Kimchi

This spicy and tangy dish is another Korean favourite that is said to help fight off illness and is very common in Korean culture. It is made using cabbage and then spices including garlic, ginger and chilli, which are all fermented together to create a special taste. This is said to help the body fight sickness, as well as to help with digestion.

4. Jook

This rice porridge is another food that is well known throughout Korea and is said to actually be a great food to eat when you are poorly or not feeling well in general. It is very easy to make and can be done with any ingredients that you want, but usually, you will find broccoli, carrots and onions in the dish, though you will often find it served with kimchi or a spicy sauce.

5. Yuja-Cha

This herbal tea is made by brewing the ingredients of yuja, or Korean citron, which is made from the fruit of the tree and is said to have many health benefits. The tea is said to be good for digestion and can help with the problems that are caused by a poor diet or poor lifestyle choices.


While these foods may or may not help to make you feel better when you are sick, they are still a delicious way to eat when you are in need of something to comfort you, and they are all very easy to make. And who knows, maybe they will help you feel a bit better, making you enjoy the food even more! So, the next time you feel under the weather, give some of these foods a go. They might just be the pick-me-up you need to help you overcome a sickness, or simply just to make you feel great.

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