From the ground up

When was the last time you felt truly grounded? I’m not talking about being stuck at Gatwick at 3AM because your flight’s been delayed, no, I’m talking about the walking barefoot through a forest and soaking up nature kind of grounded. Often it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Soon, routines and the constant pressures of work can cause us to feel disconnected and absent from our own lives. This vacancy can sometimes leave us without a direction and purpose in life, letting us just drift through our day-to-day activities without any engagement.

Well, at The Grounded Kitchen we’re not about that life. We’re not advocating you quit your job and live in a campervan exploring the world (though that does sound pretty cool). We champion independent thinking, and balance between the mind, body and its fuel (food!) Take our favourite three little words for example:


These three things are what we believe are at the basis for a happy, healthy and grounded life. Life doesn’t have to be complicated, if you enjoy the simple things and appreciate everything in moderation it all comes together.

Find something you LOVE doing, it can be your job or a hobby, anything really, but something that makes you smile and gives you that drive to get out of bed in the morning. The Japanese call this “ikigai” which rough