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From the ground up

When was the last time you felt truly grounded? I’m not talking about being stuck at Gatwick at 3AM because your flight’s been delayed, no, I’m talking about the walking barefoot through a forest and soaking up nature kind of grounded. Often it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Soon, routines and the constant pressures of work can cause us to feel disconnected and absent from our own lives. This vacancy can sometimes leave us without a direction and purpose in life, letting us just drift through our day-to-day activities without any engagement.

Well, at The Grounded Kitchen we’re not about that life. We’re not advocating you quit your job and live in a campervan exploring the world (though that does sound pretty cool). We champion independent thinking, and balance between the mind, body and its fuel (food!) Take our favourite three little words for example:


These three things are what we believe are at the basis for a happy, healthy and grounded life. Life doesn’t have to be complicated, if you enjoy the simple things and appreciate everything in moderation it all comes together.

Find something you LOVE doing, it can be your job or a hobby, anything really, but something that makes you smile and gives you that drive to get out of bed in the morning. The Japanese call this “ikigai” which roughly means the “thing that you live for” or “purpose in life”. This goal, or drive, is the perfect seed from which good things will grow and set you on your way to becoming the complete and balanced individual we know you can become.

Secondly, you have to embrace LIFE. We spend so long on our phones; focused and worrying about other people who look better, or are having more fun than ourselves, that we forget or, for want of a better word, neglect, ourselves. It’s time to put the phones to one side. Log out and look up. Life is for living, and the best way to do that is not through a screen, but getting out there and doing it for real.

Finally, with all that loving and living you’re going to be doing it’s important you have the right fuel, which means you have to EAT right. Things don’t, at least we feel they shouldn’t, be more complicated than food. The building block for everything we do should mirror what we want to achieve. We’re not all the same, so why should our food be? Our menu is not a set prescription, you don’t have to have your food our way (we’ve just found some really tasty combinations to start with). If you like a little more spice in your food add some extra chilli (if you want less, we can take it out for you). Or, if you need that extra protein hit after a gym workout we’ve got loads of protein sources…not all of them meat! Add some extra chicken, salmon or chickpeas, heck, you could have all of them if you want. Ultimately it’s about finding the right balance and what works best for you.

Hopefully our three little words are a starting point to help you imagine from the ground up. Join us and take a step towards living a more grounded life, because only dead fish go with the flow.

Stay Grounded.

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